As I explore the world, my curiosity forces a pause. I am distracted. The texture of a rocky slope, the patterns of lichen, the silhouette of receding mountain ranges, the differing hues of approaching storm clouds. I break down these distractions into simple components, items which by themselves are quite simple: a shadow, a block of color, an outline on the horizon. Somehow, I see the world in this dismantled way in order to better grasp how it all fits together.

My manipulation of the materials reignites those memories, sharpens the landscapes, solidifies the textures. As I work the metal, I remember. The places come back, the textures reemerge, the smells and sounds manifest themselves and I am transported back to a different time. As I piece these components back together, I wonder if I missed something. If I forgot an attribute that stood out yet I failed to capture it, or worse, failed to recall it. This new curiosity calls me out into the world yet again, to be distracted.

Christopher Gerber Design