• January 2020 - Changes are happening!

    Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I'm a bit all over the place. This ABSOLUTELY applies to this website. For years, really, I've neglected doing the major updates and and overhauls that I've been wanting to. Well, now's the time!

    I'm just going to say right off the bat: thank you for your patience while this is happening! As I streamline the way this site looks, as well as how I am able to communicate with you wonderful folks THRU this site, I just want to convey my gratitude for the continued support and encouragement as I chase after my dreams.

    I'm still making, still creating, still getting covered with metals shavings and polishing compound, still getting after it in my shop as much as I can. And I would love to hear from you! The contact info listed on this site is still accurate and functioning, and the stockists where my work can currently be found has been updated as well.

    I look forward to the changes that will unfold in this little "www." world of mine, and I hope to hear of what you all have been up to, or are interested in, as well.

    Thanks again, and I'll see you soon!



  • September 9th, 2016

    Well, today was the day. Applications closed for the 2016 Urban Craft Uprising - Winter Show here in Seattle. Applying Vendors (myself included) should find out in about a week as to whether or not we'll be invited to join the wonderful sale! I'm crossing my fingers! UCU is such a great opportunity, and the last few years have been incredible!

    In unrelated but equally exciting news, I've been tackling some long overdue business-related details. Finally undertaking these tasks will yield a number of results, including improved access to online sales, a growth in local exposure and product availability, and a stronger presence in the public eye!

    Looking forward to updating you all with incredible news in the near future!!!


  • End of the Year Updates!

    A special thanks to everyone who indulged in a buckle purchase this year. The most recent event, Seattles' "Urban Craft Uprising - Winter Sale 2013" was amazing, and I'm still reeling from it! I will be posting an updated list of available works by the end of this weekend (sorry for the delay, I was hoping to have this finished by Friday), so stay tuned for last minute gifts ideas, or simply to plan for your next self-indulgent splurge!

    Lots of Love from Seattle,


  • Long overdue news update!

    Well, I think it goes without saying that I do NOT update this site enough. The good news, is that it is for good reason: I've been busy making! Within a weeks time, expect to see new pictures of new work! Also, I will be sorting out some details in regards to websales (which more than one of you have inquired about!)

    - UCU 2013 -

    As many of you know, I will once again be selling at the PNWs' premier handmade craft sale: Seattles' "Urban Craft Uprising." The sale will be held at the Seattle Centers' Main Exhibition Hall (just like last year!) on Dec. 7/8 (Saturday and Sunday.)

    I will be sharing a booth with a dear friend and fellow metalworker/sculptor/foundry aficionado Kendall Mingey of "Cupolette" out of Portland, OR. I have worked with Kendall in the states, as well as in England, and her work (and skills) are top notch. You can check her out here

    - New Works -

    Keep your eyes peeled on this site in the upcoming weeks to see what new works will be available starting this holiday season. Single monogram belt buckles - "Alpha-Buckles" - are the big thing. Stay tuned to see what your letter will look like! Once you see how awesome your initial is, let me know if you would like to preorder to guarantee a buckle before the holidays!

    Back to the workbench. I have a lot of work to do!


  • Urban Craft Uprising - Winter Show 2012

    Well Michelle and I jsut got home from this years Winter UCU, and I wanted to throw a very special shout to each and every attendee who cam through my booth. As a first time vender at UCU, and also as someone who hasn't sold commercially in a number of years, you made it completely worth it.

    This webpage, as well as my blog, have definitely taken the back seat for quite some time so I could get things ready for the sale. In the next couple days however, keep you eyes peeled for pictures of available work and updates on venues and happenings. Thanks again everyone, and Happy Holidays!



  • *Urban Craft Uprising*

    Clear your schedules! I got word this week that I was accepted as a vendor for this years Urban Craft Uprising - Holiday Sale! This amazing event is the creme de la creme of the Seattle area indie sales venues. This event promises to be filled with tons of handmade stuff, from jewelry and food to prints and toys, makers from all over the Northwest and the country will converge in Seattle Center for 2 days of craft filled joy.

    Check the link here...

    Who: You and all the other cool people!
    What: Urban Craft Uprising - 2012 Winter Show
    Where: Seattle Center Exhibition Hall
    When: December 1st and 2nd (Sat. and Sun.) - 11am to 5pm both days
    Why: Not only an opportunity to score some high-quality, affordable and hand-crafted stuff (either for you or for holiday gifts), but also a chance to support a wonderful collection of individuals, from all walks of life, who are dying to share their passions with you. Small and local, these people are part of your community. Helping them helps you.

  • School House Craft

    Woohoo! I was just notified late this week that I am the recipient of a full workshop scholarship to the upcoming "School House Craft" seminar, taking place in the Phinney Neighborhood Center Sept. 21-23rd. SHC is focused on educating creative persons/entities on the ins and outs of establishing/maintaining/growing the business side of making. Photography and marketing, Etsy and personal websales, proper licensing and permit requirements, approaching galleries and stores, etc. It sounds like the "Professional Practices" seminar I took in undergrad, where the instructor pressed hard the idea that making your presence known in the art world is about much more than simply creating your work. If you want your work out there, you've got to make some friends, do some leg-work, and spend much of your non-making time actually pushing yourself and your work out into the world, via whatever means available (and appropriate.) Super stoked I won!

    Thanks School House Craft for covering the cost of this!
    Thanks Urban Craft Uprising for supporting it!

  • Finally getting back online

    Along time coming, but I finally managed to get this site up (officially.) Definitely not fully updated, but it is no longer on the back burner. Stay tuned for all sorts of updates about things I'm currently working on, events and opportunities I'm interested in or want to share all sorts of other bits.

  • Watches

    I got my first watch comission. Built around a PUW 1560d3 calibre movement, it will have a dial which mimics a blt buckle I created. Radial geometric piercing of the dial will reveal the workings of the mechanical movement, and the entire watch will be of stainless steel construction.